Listener Commentaries


KTXK invites listeners to submit commentaries to be played on public radio.  Commentaries may be a recounting of a personal experience; expression of a personal opinion; or provision of insight into current news and popular culture. Special preference will be given to those commentaries focusing on general, ongoing issues concerning Texarkana and the surrounding areas.

Scripts can be submitted KTXK-FM for consideration at

Guidelines for commentaries on KTXK-FM


1. Commentaries should be one-minute and twenty-seconds or less when read aloud.

2. Commentaries must not libel any person or institution and should not reflect personal attacks that are based on race, sex, or class.

3. Calls for action are not permitted.

4. Commentaries may be edited for content and production quality.

5. Commentaries should reflect the diversity of our audience and offer activists in the community a medium to air their views.

6. Commentaries are not a medium for politicians to express their views or platforms.

7. Commentaries submitted by an individual may not state that they represent opinions or positions of a larger group of people or any organization.

8. Commentaries are subject to fact-checking by the KTXK editorial staff. Statistics or other figures must be accurate. The commentator MUST be able to substantiate facts upon request.

9. Commentaries incorporating quotations from other individuals or spokespersons must indicate the source of the quotation within the body of the commentary.

10. No telephone numbers or addresses will be stated in any commentary.

11. No commentator will directly solicit funds for any public or private organization or political party.

12. Commentators retain the copyright on their material, but KTXK reserves the right to post any piece approved for broadcast on its Internet website. KTXK also holds broadcast rights and copyright on the final, produced piece ... and may rebroadcast a commentary at any time for up to one year from the date of original broadcast without prior approval from the commentator.