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The Texas Youth Leadership Summit will take place in early July. The summit is for individuals aged 17 to 22 and will be held at the Texas Tech University Campus in Junction, Texas.

Sabrina McCormick spoke with Cass County Judge Travis Ransom about the summit. Ransom, a businessman, former mayor of Atlanta, Texas, and Army Reserve Command Sergeant Major, will be among the event's speakers. (May 25,  2023).



Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is hosting town hall meetings across the state to field questions and concerns about the new 145- page Arkansas LEARNS ACT. The legislation, signed into law March 8, has garnered both critics and advocates for its efforts to meet student needs. It addresses a raise in teacher pay, a universal state-funded private school education account/voucher program, and also changes the requirements for teacher dismissals. Additionally, it places emphasis on literacy.

On Tuesday, Sanders visited Texarkana meeting with local educators and residents at a Town Hall meeting held at the University of Arkansas Hope in Texarkana. Sabrina McCormick was there. (April 26,  2023).



The Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council is highlighting civil rights photographer Ernest Withers through March 25. The exhibit called, "Good Night My Love" features candid snapshots of life in the segregated south. Sabrina McCormick visited with members of the TRAHC's African American Committee (TAAC) to talk about Withers, and his photography.  (February 08,  2023).



Sabrina McCormick caught up with speakers from the first Texas UFO Convention in Jefferson Texas recently. The conference was held this past Saturday there, and featured researchers and authors focusing on UFO encounters in the Lone Star State. In this instalment, she talks with an archivist out of Austin, Texas who is trying to make information sharing about these encounters and other such anomalies easier to access.   (Novvenber 22,  2022).



The city of Jefferson held its first annual UFO convention over the weekend - Sabrina McCormick covered the event, which featured a panel of experts that spoke about unexplained encounters in Texas  (Novvenber 21,  2022).



If you’re looking for an out of this world experience, Jefferson, Texas may have the solution you seek.

The city will host its first annual UFO convention this Saturday. It will feature a cross section of Texas UFO enthusiasts and experts says event organizer, Craig Woolheater. Sabrina McCormick reports  (November 16,  2022).



Jefferson Texas has become known as the Bigfoot Capital of Texas, there is even a statue of the famed cryptid prominently placed in the city. For the last several years, the city has hosted the Texas Bigfoot Convention. The three-day event serves as a place where enthusiasts, cryptozoologists and people who have had unusual and unexplained experiences can come to swap stories and learn more about the creature (and a host of other such cryptids).

Sabrina McCormick spoke with several of the event's speakers, this interview features world explorer Adam Davies.:  (October 28,  2022).



From the wilds of Texas’ back country to the streets of the Dallas Metroplex, paranormal phenomena and strange creatures abound in Jason McLean’s book Metroplex Monsters. Sabrina McCormick spoke with McLean recently at the Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson.   (October 28,  2022).



According to the Bigfoot Research Organization, or BFRO, regional sightings of the cryptid in the state of Oklahoma are most prevalent in LeFlore County, close to the Arkansas Border. The second most common area for sightings is nearby McCurtain County. The mountains stretch through both counties.

At a recent Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson Texas, Sabrina McCormick spoke with one researcher who has been studying and documenting sightings in the Kiamichi area for more than twenty years. Today she files the last in a series of interviews from that conference.  (October 28,  2022).