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This Thursday, August 4, Sacred Heart Catholic Church will honor the priests of the Diocese of Tyler with a celebrating the patron saint of priests.

Conductor and music director, Marc-Andre Bougie, composed the liturigical music played during the event for the occasion. Sabrina McCormick reports - the event is open to all who would like to attend.  (August 02,  2022).



Dr. Benjamin Neuman, Chief Virologist At The Global Health Research Complex At Texas A&M University-College Station. Steve Mitchell reports:  (July 18,  2022).



If you are looking for an interesting place to visit over the summer,you may not know it, but northwest Louisiana is home to one of the oldest ancient sites in the U.S. Sabrina McCormick has more  (July 14,  2022).



The Texarkana Museums System has a unique store of historic documents that define life in the city during its earliest days. Sabrina McCormick reports, a trove of correspondences between a well known Arkansas presbytarian minister and several historical figures in the state paints a vivid context for life in Arkansas in 19th century.  (July 01,  2022).



Texarkana Celebrated an important day in US history over the weekend – Sabrina McCormick attended the Juneteenth event held in the city’s downtown area. She reports, the festival presented an array of vendors, music, ideas and community spirit. (June 20,  2022).



June 19th marks an important moment in US history commemorating the recognition of the emancipation of all enslaved African America people. In the past, the day has been known as Emancipation Day, Freedom Day and Jubilee Day. In 2021 it was officially recognized as a federal holiday. For one young man, who is a member of an academic organization in Texarkana called the “The Scholars,” the day was an ideal way to recognize diversity in Texarkana. Derrick Montgomery reports. (June 20,  2022).



The Texarkana Symphony Orchestra and the city's Regional Arts and Humanities Council collaborated on June 17 to bring the internationally renowned Rolling Stones tribute show, Satisfaction to the Perot Theater. Sabrina McCormick spoke with Chris LeGrand, the shows founder, president and CEO. (June 20,  2022).



Texarkana Resident Carl Bandy has always been led by his dreams, and he wants local young people to know that when it comes to their dreams, the sky is literally the limit. Derrick Montgomery Reports: (June 20,  2022).




Texarkana welcomed a new cardiac care clinic recently, Sabrina McCormick reports: (June 08,  2022).



If you are looking for summer reading material featuring the east Texas/ southwest Arkansas region, but with an urban science fiction twist, Sabrina McCormick spoke with Best Selling Author DC Gomez about her current list of finished books featuring a host of otherworldly characters, and her upcoming projects. (June 08,  2022).