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Dear Member and Supporter,


I hope that you will take a moment and consider a pledge of support to KTXK your Public Radio Station during our Fall 2018 Pledge Drive.


We are continuing to say THANK YOU with gifts at various pledge levels. I very much want to reward our listeners who pledge at different levels and to say thank you. Please know that I cannot thank each of you enough for the support you give us to keep our mission alive.


You will also notice that we are continuing the unique opportunity for those of you pledging at the $200 level or above. At this level, we are going to give your business or favorite charity a month long underwriter package on KTXK OF 35 ANNOUNCEMENTS. They will sound just like any other announcement on the air and be recorded and written by me. Here is a chance to promote yourself, another business, or church.


I also encourage our members to call me anytime with any concern you may have at (903) 748-4541 or email me to


Whatever the pledge level is please know that I cannot say Thank You enough times. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, WE WILL NOT PROSPER WITHOUT YOUR HELP!!


Steve Mitchell
General Manager KTXK


Download Fall 2018 Pledge Form (Word Format)

Download KTXK Fall 2018 Pledge Form (PDF Format)


Mail To:
KTXK Public Radio
2500 North Robison Road
Texarkana, Texas 75599



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