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Today's Halloween feature is the latest installment from conversations with speakers from jefferson's Texas Bigfoot Conference that occurred Oct. 21. Sabrina McCormick has the interview with Michael mayes. Mayes has several decdes of research experience and is the former chairman of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy. (October 31,  2023).



Today we have another part in a series of stories from the Texas Bigfoot Conference that occurred Saturday, Oct. 21.in Jefferson, Texas. Sabrina McCormick has this report from one speaker at the conference who tells us about his first hand encounter with the creature. She reports the experience would go on to have a lasting impact on Matt Pruitt’s life. (October 31,  2023).



Primatologist, Conservationist, and National Geographic Explorer, Dr. Mireya Mayor is probably best known as a correspondent for Nat Geo’s Ultimate Explorer television series.

In addition to those achievement’s the former Miami Dolphin’s Cheerleader is also a Fulbright Scholar and National Science Foundation Fellow. Recently, she was a guest speaker in Jefferson, Texas at the Texas Bigfoot Convention. Sabrina McCormick was there, and spoke with Mayor about her work, and what she thinks about the existence of Bigfoot. (October 31,  2023).



It turns out that the wilds of Texas are home to some rather unusual residents – that aren’t necessarily native to area. As Sabrina McCormick reports, one wildlife journalist is working to catalogue the unusual appearances of these creatures. She interviewed, wildlife journalist, blogger and podcast host, Chester Moore at the Texas Bigfoot Conference over the weekend. (October 25,  2023).



Jefferson Texas is host to many unique conventions and conferences these day – from the Paranormal to UFO’s -- Sabrina McCormick has a preview of the latest conference to be held there – the 2023 Texas Bigfoot Conference scheduled this weekend. (October 18,  2023).



Texarkana College honored former TC president James Henry Russell Tuesday with a building named in his honor. The new James Henry Russell STEM Complex houses state of the art classrooms, labs and equipment - Sabrina McCormick reports: (October 12,  2023).



This week kicks off a series of exhibits in southwest Arkansas highlighting the works of impressionist Effie Anderson Smith. Anderson-Smith was born in Nashville Arkansas in 1869, and then grew up in Hope, Arkansas, she would go on to move to Arizona where she gained popularity for her desert landscapes. Sabrina McCormick reports:
(September 12,  2023).



Dr. Ben Neuman joins the Mid Day News Hour to talk about the latest Omicron Variant. Dr. Neuman is the Professor of Biology and Chief Virologist of the Global Health Research complex at Texas A & M University. (September 06,  2023).




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